2014 Mynarski BS

Mynarski Ward is a diverse ward in Winnipeg, with much of the ward encompassing what we consider to be the North End. The southern part of the ward (where AYO and most of our work concentrates) is characterized by an increased number of social service agencies, lower household incomes and in recent years a statistical decrease in violent crimes. At the same time, the community challenges are diverse, as the multi-ethnic fabric of the community means there are many, many voices.

mynarski bs

BRAIN STORMS at Neechi Commons

Since August 2014, we have been engaging the 4 candidates who are running for City Councillor in Mynarski.


Check out the notes from our BS with them below!


The below map is the most recent image we could find online of the ward. For an interactive map from the City’s website CLICK HERE

Mynarski Street lane conditions.gws

AYO UPDATE on Mynarski Candidates July 12th, 2014:

Composition of City Council (from winnipeg.ca)

The composition of City Council is legislated under Part 3 of The City of Winnipeg Charter and consists of 15 Councillors and the Mayor. Each Councillor represents an individual ward while the Mayor is elected by a vote of the city-at-large.

Councillors have a dual role: they are members of Council (dealing with decisions affecting the whole city) and members of the Community Committees (dealing with local community issues).

Pursuant to the Charter, Council has the authority to establish committees of Council and Council may, by by-law delegate a power, duty or function to a committee of Council.

MORE INFO CAN BE FOUND HERE: http://winnipeg.ca/clerks/council/committees.stm/ (incl. info on standing and community committees)



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